Decals You Will Not Find On

Decals You Will Not Find On

Posted by The Decal Guy on 19th Feb 2014

Decals You Will Not Find On Our Website

   My wife's family is from Michigan and 4 or 5 years ago her son moved down to Georgia, and brought his car with him.  Being at the time in mid twenties and liking fast cars, he had put a decal on his car while in Michigan that read "Bad Ass Boy Like Bad Ass Toys", a fairly common decal if the internet is to be believed and not too offensive, they even let them say the "A" word on network TV nowadays.

  What he did not consider is that what is not offensive in Michigan does not hold true in the Bible Belt, especially in a small rural Georgia town called Bloomingdale.

  He was not down here very long before he was pulled over by local police and given a citation for an offensive decal on his vehicle.  When he went to court, the Judge told him that a decal like that may be okay in Michigan, but was not something they allow "down here", and fined him $250.00 and made him remove the decal.

  If one does a search on the internet for car window decals, you will see many cute, funny, well designed, and great looking decals.  You will also unfortunately find a lot of crude, vulgar, sexually explicit, and just down right offensive decals.  Looking at these, I have wondered who in the world would put something like that on their vehicle for public display?  There must be a market for them, because doing a little research I found that many decal websites have them for sale.  But just because someone is willing to pay for them is not a good enough reason for me to put them on our website.  Most of them are funny, and I will admit, some are very funny, but it's adult humor and when you put a decal on your vehicle it's not just adults who see it.  Some things just are not suitable for public display no matter if you are from Michigan or Georgia.

  When deciding what decals to put on the website, I try to select and create designs people want, but I also keep in mind that these decals will be seen by the public, adults and children.  While a few of the designs may be provocative and slightly risque, you will not find vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or decals using profanity on  Hopefully my step son or someone like him will never get a ticket for having one of our decals on his vehicle.