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   My name is Wayne Lee, and I began making decals in 2009, but my interest and experience in lettering, design and art began long before then.

   I was born in 1961 and grew up in southeast Georgia, mostly around the Savannah area.1961-oct-23-cecelia-bacon-wayne-lee-age-4-months.jpg  I can remember being 6 or 7 years old and wanting to draw, and not having any drawing paper at the time, I would tear apart brown paper grocery bags and use crayons to draw animals on them.  Growing up, I took every available art class offered in school, and found that drawing was something I enjoyed and was good at. statue-1.jpg I have often been told that talented artists are born with a "gift", but I have always believed that it was not the ability to be a good artist that one is born with, but rather the interest and patience to learn art and devote the time and practice it takes to become good at it.

   After high school, I briefly attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, seeking to major in Graphic Design. 1982-wayne-and-painting.jpg During that time, I sold my first painting, to the Dean of the College no less, designed the cover of the school brochure, and excelled in all my classes. Unfortunately, financial difficulties didn't allow me to complete my degree, but the wealth of knowledge and skills I learned there in those couple of years remain with me to this day.

    In 1986, I began working in the sign industry.  Most people, unless they need one or are in the business of making them, do not give signs much thought.  Yet it is virtually impossible to go one day without seeing some type of sign.  From the common Stop sign, to elaborate LED billboards, signs are all around us.  I worked in all aspects of sign-making for over 25 years, and found that it well suited me. It was there that I not only sharpened my design skills, but learn so much about fonts and lettering, graphics, computer design and digital technology, color, and vinyl.

   I would no doubt still be in the sign industry today had I not contracted colon cancer in 2011.  After over a year of treatment to get rid of the cancer, I decided it was time for a new direction in my life.  While I enjoyed sign making, there were certain aspects of it that I no long wished to, or could not do, such as the installation and physical labor of production of signs.  What I enjoyed, and was best at was the designing of layouts, and I wanted to take that and combine it with my artistic abilities.   

    I still loved to draw, and have over the years self-taught myself to hand lettering and cartooning.  For a couple of years, I even hand-painted advertisements and holiday images on the showroom windows of local businesses. 




       In my spare time, I created my own comic strip (which I never tried to get published),dog-tricks.jpg

designed my own greeting cards, created cartoon characters to be used in business advertising, and even learned 3D modeling and animation.

,birthday-2a.jpg cell-phone-sale.jpgdave-internal.png

   The result of the combining of all my many interests and skills was decal design.  I found that it allows me to use both my artistic talents with the technical skills I developed in the sign industry.  I believe that to produce a good decal it takes the eye of an artist and the skill of a graphic designer, with a touch of humor thrown in.
    Anyone with a computer, a vinyl cutter and a little knowledge could type out and cut a decal already designed and created.  But it takes someone experienced in design to choose the right font to be both readable and match the message of the decal, and an artist to combine it with an image that enforces the meaning of the decal while adding to its appeal.

   This is why I hope that people who want and love decals will make their source for quality decals.  I care about each decal design and try to make it the best possible.  I use only quality materials, and try to provide the best customer service I can by treating each order as if I were making it for myself.  If I am not happy with the finished product, I don't expect my customers to be either.  I ship all orders as quickly as possible and try to keep my costs low so that I can sell the decals I make at a reasonable price.  I love designing and making decals, and I know I can only do that as long as the people who buy decals from me are happy with their order and buying experience from my website.

   I welcome your comments, suggestions and input, just email me at

Thanks for making us your #1 Source for car and truck decals!


              Wayne Lee

          ( The Decal Guy )