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Application Instructions

Decal and Sticker Application

  There are many different ways to apply decals or stickers.  So how do you decide which method is the best way to apply your decal? The two main factors in making your choice should be the Size and Shape of the decal.  Smaller decals are easier to apply, while large decals require the use of masking tape and a bit more care to apply correctly. A decal or sticker that is long but not very high, should be applied one half at a time (see Windshield Decals below) to insure it stays straight during application.

The decals from usually fall into one of three categories: Small, Large, or Windshield and each have its own best method of application. Below is how you can determine which category your decal or sticker falls under and a link to step-by-step instructions on how to properly apply each one.

 Small Decals: Small decals are usually less than 12 inches in wide and/or height.  A decal measuring 12" wide by 6" high or one 8" wide x 5" high is example of a Small Decal. These are these easiest and quickest to apply.

To read our step-by-step instructions on applying your Small Decal, click here: Small Decal Application Instructions 

To watch a short video on how to apply Small Decals, click here: Small Decal Application Video

 Large Decals: A Large decal or sticker is usually over 12 inches in width or height. A decal measuring 18" wide by 10" high or one 24"wide x 8" high is example of a Large Decal.  Large decals usually require the use of masking tape to help hold it place during application.

To read our step-by-step instructions on applying your Large Decal, click here: Large Decal Application Instructions

 Windshield Decals: Windshield decals are usually long wide strips up to 48"wide but not over 6" high.  A decal measuring 30" wide by 3" high or one 42" wide x 4" high is example of Windshield Decal.  Windshield decals usually require the use of masking tape to help hold it place during application and sometimes an additional person to assist with application.

For step-by-step instructions on applying your Windshield Decal, click here: Windshield Decal Application Instructions

 Application Tips:

1.The decals have a pressure sensitive adhesive, this means the harder you rub down the decal or sticker, the better it sticks.
2.Remove the application tape by pulling gently downward at an angle. If a part of the decal starts to come up away from the surface rub it back down while the application tape is still on, then proceed to remove the tape.
3.Note: The decals will not adhere to a surface that has been waxed. Remove all wax and residue with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol before application. After the decals have been applied, the surface can be waxed over. The wax will not damage the decal, but will prevent it from sticking.
4.By default all car window decals and stickers are cut to be applied to the outside of window.
5.If you get air bubbles in the decal take a pin or needle and puncture the bubble to release the air.  Tiny bubbles will come out on their own after a few days in the sun.
6.In very cold weather, run the vehicle with the heater on for several minutes to warm up the glass before application.  You can also move the vehicle so the glass where you want to apply your decal facing direct sunlight.
7.In very hot weather, it is best to apply to decal early in the morning or late in the day when the glass of the vehicle in not hot.  You can also move your vehicle to a shady area out of direct sunlight.
8.On very windy days, we suggest you do not attempt to apply your decal.  The wind can easily catch you decal and cause part of it to stick to the glass in the incorrect position.  Wait to apply your decal on a day when the wind is calm.
9.To apply extra-large decals we recommend getting someone to hold the decal in position while the other person rubs it in place. If you are uncomfortable with the process you may consider professional installation at your local sign shop.

 Decal Removal: To watch a short video on how to remove old decals and stickers from windows, click here: Decal Removal Video