Decal Application and Removal Videos

Decal and Sticker Application and Removal Videos

Applying Decals With Our Decal Application Kit:


This video will show you how to make decal application a breeze with new Decal Application Kit, which includes everthing you need to display your decal like a pro while avoiding the most commom application errors.



Small Decal Application:

Here we show you how to successfully apply your new car window decal to you vehicle, including all the materials you need, cleaning the window, and step-by-step application instructions



Decal Removal:

This video will show you how to remove that old decal or sticker from your window.  We explain what things you will need and show you step-by-step how to take off that old decal and remove any glue residue.



In Production Now....

  Check back soon for more informative videos about decals.  Soon to come: Large Decal Application video, and Windshield Decal Application video, and more.