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Large Decal Application

Large Decal and Sticker Application Instructions

Step 1: On a clean, dry surface, position the decal and use small pieces of masking tape to hold in place.

Large decal application, positioning the decal

 Step 2: Run a longer piece of masking tape all the way across the center of the decal.

Large decal application, taping the decal in place

 Step 3: Remove one of the small pieces of tape and flip one side of the decal over.

Large decal application, flipping the decal over

 Step 4: Carefully and slowly peel back the backing paper all the way to the center, making sure that the decal adheres to the application tape and not to the backing paper.

Large sticker application, peeling off the backing paper

 Step 5: Use scissors to cut away the backing paper at the tape line.

Large decal application, cutting away the backing paper

 Step 6: Flip the side of the decal back over but do not let it touch the surface yet.  Starting from the center, rub the decal down with a hard edged object like a credit card, working outward as you lower the decal to the surface.

Large decal application,rubbing the first side down

 Step 7: Remove the tape and slowly peel away the other half of the backing paper being carefully no to let the exposed decal touch the surface yet.

Large decal application, peeling off the second piece of backing paper

 Step 8: Working again from the center, rub the decal down with a stiff edge object as you lower the decal to the surface.

Large decal application, rubbing down the second half of the decal

 Step 9: Slowly peel the application tape at an angle, do not pull straight up from the surface.

Large decal application, removing the application tape from the decal

 Step 10: Work and air bubbles to the edge of the decal, or pop them with a pin and push the air out through the hole. Tiny bubble will go away on their own after a few days in sun.

Large decal application, final check for air bubbles